Big Little Sister by Some Sort of Dog

Chapter 1:- The Saturday Night Game

This story all started when I was thirteen. At that age, I was a really skinny little girl and, to my horror and despair, I had no bust at all. All I had on my chest were a pair of protruding nipples. They were pale pink, and surrounded by slightly puffy pinkish-brown areolae, about two inches across. They were the only signs of womanhood about my physical appearance. My hips were slim and boyish, I had hardly any curves down there, either.

It frustrated me to be the flattest-chested girl in my class, at thirteen. I spent ages examining my chest in the mirror, but no amount of visualising would make my breasts grow. I had nearly worn out the tape measure as I willed them to get bigger. But my measurements obstinately stayed the same, something like 24-21-26. I was five feet tall.

What made it a thousand times worse was that my little sister was everything that I wasn't, and had everything that I wanted to have. She had curves; shapely hips and legs, plumply rounded buttocks - and a lovely big pair of tits! And, shit, my little sister Tanya was only ten!

She had first started developing when she was still only eight! Everybody knows girls are developing earlier, these days but that's ridiculous. I saw her one morning, a few weeks before her ninth birthday, when she had just got out of bed, and her little night-dress was bulging with a pair of budding breasts. They stuck out far more than mine - not difficult, I know - and it made me feel inadequate. Soon, within just a few weeks, Tanya's breasts were a good handful each, and not my little hands, either.

What is a girl supposed to do? I turned to religion. I tried praying for tits of my own, but nothing happened. In fact, I began to think God was answering the wrong girl's prayers, because Tanya's boobs got bigger and bigger. By the time she was nine and a half, she was wearing a C-cup bra. Not that she told me her bra size. I found that out for myself one Saturday night, when I first invented my new game. It happened like this.

Our parents were about to go out to our next-door neighbours' house. They spent every Saturday evening there, although I have no idea what they got up to. Probably just drinking and watching smutty videos. As usual, they told me to phone if anything was wrong, and asked me to make sure that Tanya went to bed as soon as she'd had a shower. My sister had just come in, and complained loudly and bitterly that she wasn't *dirty*, she didn't *need* a shower and she didn't *want* to go to bed early, but Dad said she was to be in bed by nine pm *or else*. So Tanya shut up as my parents said goodnight and went out, leaving her to sit down and wolf her dinner. I'm sure everything she ate went straight to her tits.

Fortunately, she went quietly upstairs afterwards, and before long I heard her singing in the bathroom. Little cow, what right did she have to be so happy? Just because she had a figure and I didn't. Then a strange urge suddenly came over me. I wanted - no, needed - to see Tanya; to see what she looked like naked.

As soon as the sound of the water stopped, I went upstairs to see if I could sneak a look at her. How much had she grown since last week? In a moment, she came out of the bathroom with a towel thrown loosely across her shoulders, her full breasts bouncing heavily as she arranged her long dark hair with both hands.

Her breasts certainly looked bigger than ever. Her tummy was slightly plump with puppy fat, her hips were much broader than mine, and there was a thick triangle of dark fur on her lower belly. That really got to me; my own pubic hair was thin and wispy.

She smiled sweetly at me, glancing down briefly at my flat chest as she did so, then back into my eyes, almost mockingly. Mercifully, she said nothing, which would certainly have made me dissolve into tears; but disappeared into her bedroom, leaving me standing outside my own bedroom door. Tanya's bulky sweater was lying on the floor where she had dropped it, and I absently picked it up and put it in the laundry basket, on top of her other clothes. They were still warm. They smelled of girl. That was when I had My Idea.

I moved the sweater aside and picked her bra out of the basket. I held it against my chest and felt my cheeks growing hot. There was a lump in my throat, and my pussy felt damp. I pressed my fingers against my crotch, harder, and it felt nice. It felt very nice. Like feeling sick, in a lovely kind of way. Quickly, I slipped into my bedroom and closed the door.

Stripping off my shirt, I fumbled with the bra, pulling it round my body. I had never worn a bra in my life. The hooks were awkward, I had it upside down. Taking it off again, I tried to puzzle out which way up it went. There seemed to be half a dozen ways it could go, and five of those were certainly wrong. I began to blush as I thought about this ridiculous situation. My little nine-year-old sister knew how to put a bra on, and I didn't! The label said 30C. What that meant, I wasn't sure, although I thought maybe it was the size.

At last, I got it on, the right way up, not inside out, and with the cups at the front. It fitted loosely round my body. Tanya was still several inches shorter than me, but her chest measurement was already bigger than mine, even without her tits! The bra cups were empty, mocking me. I searched around the bedroom for something to fill them. Socks! I rolled up a pair of my woolly ankle socks and tucked it into the left cup. Another pair went into the right. Shit, the cups were only half full! Taking both pairs of socks out, I rolled them up together in a ball, then found two more pairs. Now, both cups were nicely full. With trembling fingers, I pulled my shirt back on over my new breasts, and fastened the buttons. It was not easy. The shirt was burstingly full, the buttons straining and gaping under the pressure from inside.

I turned to the mirror and had to gasp. The reflection showed me a lovely, big-busted girl, with long medium brown hair. I twirled in front of my image, bending and turning this way and that. I thrust my tits out, standing with one hand on my hip. I had to admit, I looked fantastic! I had been getting moist ever since I'd first had the idea of coming upstairs to look at my little sister, and by now, I was really *wet*.

I paraded around the bedroom for half an hour, wearing only my shirt, Tanya's bra, and my knickers, which were becoming, impossibly, wetter and wetter. They were quite transparent, showing the faint shadow of my pubic hair. I had nowhere near as much hair as Tanya had, I thought, and felt another shudder run through my body. This feeling was happening every time I compared Tanya's advanced development to my own. Flinging myself down on the bed, I slid the tips of two, then three fingers into my slippery slit.

Up and down the entrance to my juicy, oozing crack, toying with the lips, and then with my clit, bringing a sensation which made me almost jump out of my skin. Again, I tried the same thing, and again I felt almost an electric shock of the deepest pleasure, which built up and up until waves of sensation washed over me and I moaned out loud. It was a bit more than a moan; it ended in an animal yelp that echoed round the bedroom.

It was the echo that brought me to my senses. Had Tanya heard me? I lay still for a minute, hardly daring to breathe. No, I realised at last, she would have her headphones clamped over her ears. Relieved, I played with myself for another hour, coming several more times, until I was exhausted. Absolutely knackered. I had to go to the bathroom, and coming back into my bedroom, the pussy smell was so overpowering, I had to open the window.

That was my first Saturday night game. After that, it happened every Saturday night that my parents went out, which meant almost every week. The game took on a life of its own, getting better and better every time as the weeks went past. I would wait downstairs, with a hand down the front of my jeans, listening to Tanya undressing and going into the shower.

Within a month or two, like one of Pavlov's dogs, I would be dripping wet before Tanya even went into the shower, then while she was in there I would stand outside the bathroom door listening to her singing, holding her bra in both hands. By the time my little sister went to bed, I would be practically frothing. I discovered I could have orgasms over and over again. Even just sniffing the scent of those bra cups for twenty seconds was enough to bring me off!

Tanya's tits were still growing. I got a good look at them every Saturday night, and every Saturday night, it seemed, they were a little bit bigger than a week earlier.

Her bras were getting stretched more out of shape. She had three bras, all labelled 30C. One was white, one pink, and my favourite, a black one. The black one was a different design, and had slightly bigger cups than the others. Each of its cups held one more sock than her other bras! Yet, soon, even that black bra was getting stretched, the elastic tired and the stitching around the cups more and more likely to split.

My fantasies centred on the ever-increasing size of Tanya's breasts. Just how big would they eventually be?

Big Little Sister

Chapter 2:- Caught Wet-Handed!

Then, one day, one of my fantasies came true. Her bra split while she was at school. Apparently, it just burst. Exploded! If only I could have been there to see it for myself. I had to rely on my imagination, and on Tanya's description of what happened.

I came home at the usual time. Tanya's bus was always ten minutes later than mine, as she went to a different school. This time, though, when I got in, she was already in the kitchen, talking to Mum. She was showing her a bra, her pink one. It had split along the seam where the right cup attached to the body band, and she was crying, and obviously upset. I pretended not to have noticed, and slipping out of the door, I listened to their conversation.

`I was only reaching up to the shelf for some books, and it just went', sobbed Tanya.

Mum grasped her hand. `And they sent you home just for that?'

`Yes! I ...I tried to hold it together, but when I grabbed at it, some of the buttons on my blouse came undone, and ... and ...all the girls were laughing and shouting ... and the teacher got mad ...'

`Oh, darling!' Mum took Tanya in her arms and gave her a big, consoling hug. `It was too small for you, sweetheart. We'll have to get you another, the right size. My lovely little girl is becoming so grown-up, and so quickly!' She kissed her daughter on the nose. I chose that moment to come back into the kitchen, and asked Mum what was the matter.

`Tanya had a little accident at school, so she came home early. She's all right now, aren't you, pet?' Tanya nodded. Mum wasn't sure how to deal with the problem of my little sister's breasts being so much bigger than mine. Bigger? Mine were non-existent! She had never mentioned it at all to me, and she was always quick to hush Tanya up whenever the girl was inclined to show off her superior development.

But Tanya was in no mood for showing off at the moment. She was my little sister again, and took my hand when I held it out to her; then we went upstairs together, my sister holding the damaged bra in her other hand. She showed it to me when we reached her bedroom door. `It's broken!' she sobbed quietly. `My bra's broken!' I gave her what was meant to be a tentative little cuddle and she leaned against me. Her bra-less breasts felt full and heavy pressed against my stomach. It took all my determination not to take hold of them and squeeze them gently.

It was a relief when she went into her room and I was able to close my bedroom door and slip an exploring and relieving hand into my wet panties.

Tanya's tenth birthday was a week later, on the Thursday. She had a small party; just a few of her friends came to the house after school. It would have been nice to have looked in on them with the superiority of being three and a half years older, but as I watched them arrive, I could see that some of these ten-year-olds had busts; none as big as Tanya's, but certainly bigger than mine. So I left them to it.

The Saturday after her birthday, Mum took Tanya into town in the morning. By the time they came home, I had gone out to visit a girlfriend, and it was early evening before I got back. Tanya was out with her posse of friends who usually hung around the corner of the village street. Mum and Dad were going out next door again, and they told me, as usual, to make sure my sister was in bed by nine-thirty. `She will be home in ten minutes', said Dad.

`Okay', I called, as they went into the kitchen, ready to go out the back door. Then I heard Mum saying: `I got her a new bra today, and a new top and some shorts. She's wearing them all tonight. She's ever so pleased, especially with the bra.' Her voice dropped almost to a whisper. `I only bought her the one. It fitted perfectly, but she's growing so fast, she is going to need another one in no time. It's a 32-E cup!'

I crept closer to the door and listened. Dad sounded shocked. He gave a sort of shaky laugh. `An E? That's bigger than yours!'

`She's been bigger than me for months, dear. You mean you hadn't noticed?'

`I don't look at little girls. I don't need to with you around.' He stood close behind Mum and as I peered round the door, he cupped her full breasts in both hands. She looked pleased, but said, `Hey, get off! I tell you about our busty little ten-year-old daughter and you get all horny. You'd better wait until tonight!' Then they went out, Dad adjusting the crotch of his trousers as they closed the door behind them. Yeeeugh, I thought. Disgusting! Parents are so embarrassing when they behave like children.

Tanya came in a little later, and despite being prepared by what Mum had been saying, I actually wet my pants as soon as I saw her. She was wearing a pair of loose pink shorts and a pink T-shirt, beneath which her tits looked absolutely enormous. I had learned a little bit about bra sizes over the last few months - purely for academic reasons, unfortunately - and I knew that an E cup was three sizes bigger than a C. Not only that, but her chest was bigger, too. It was quite clear that her too-small bras had been doing quite a bit to disguise the growth of her tits. Little Tanya, I figured, now had a 38-inch bust, and she certainly looked every inch of it.

I slipped into my bedroom, literally panting, as Tanya went into the bathroom. With my fingers in my panties, I brought myself to a shuddering climax. My nipples were tingling, and felt huge, even when I ran the palm of my hand across the front of my sweatshirt.

It seemed ages before she came out of the shower and I heard her go into her bedroom. Slipping out, I listened outside her bedroom door. All was quiet, apart from some gentle rustling sounds and, yes, an occasional low moan. Tanya was playing with herself! Horny little bitch, I thought, conveniently forgetting what I had been doing not five minutes earlier! At least, she would be keeping herself occupied, and I could get on with what I had planned to do.

Calling out, `goodnight, Sis!' in my sweetest big-sister voice, I went quickly down to the kitchen. There, in the drawer, there they were! Left over from Tanya's tenth birthday party, a packet of balloons. I slipped them into my pocket and hurried back up to the bathroom, plucking Tanya's new bra from the laundry basket on the way. The cups were enormous, far bigger than her old bra, the shoulder straps were wider, and there were four hooks at the back.

With shaking hands, I locked the door, then filled a balloon with warm water, and placed it in one of the bra cups, trying it for size. It needed a little more water. I tied the neck of the balloon. Now, the other one. Back in my bedroom, I laid out the whole lot on the bed and took off all my clothes. I was hornier than I had ever felt in my life. Believe me, that's pretty horny.

32E, said the bra label. I put it on, then found the shoulder straps needed adjusting to make them longer, as Tanya was still quite a lot shorter than me. Then one balloon went into each bra cup, and I hoisted the broad shoulder straps into place.

The first thing I noticed was the huge weight of the water-filled balloons as they swung in front of me. Was this how Tanya felt all the time, just walking around? On an impulse, I went out on to the landing and picked up my sister's new top and shorts, then bolted back and shut the door again. I pulled the top on, tugging it into place over the bulging bra. The shorts next.

As I picked them up off the bed, her panties fell out. They were tightly rolled up where she had stripped them off then tucked them inside her shorts. I could wear them, I thought! Then I would have *all* her clothes on. Almost choking and sobbing now with arousal, I was about to step into my little sister's panties, then stopped myself when I realised that I would almost certainly make them all wet, which might lead to discovery in the morning. But no problem! They were already soaked!

I held them to my nose, tentatively, then took a deep, deep sniff. They reeked of Tanya's muskiness, her sweat, her sex. I put them on, and pulled them tight into my sopping wet crotch. They felt cold at first, but quickly warmed up, especially as my wetness soaked into them, followed immediately by an accidental dribble of pee. By then I was long past caring.

Tanya's bottom was bigger than mine; quite a lot bigger, I realised, as I tried to make her shorts stay up. At last, fully dressed, I posed and pranced in front of the mirror. Then I sat on the edge of the bed, where I could still see my reflection. It must have been half an hour and half a dozen climaxes before I stopped masturbating and stood up shakily. My knees would hardly stop knocking. I leaned against the wardrobe, my hand up the loose leg of the shorts, panting.

`Hey, those are mine!'

Tanya was behind me, looking at my shorts in horror. `You can't wear those, they're mine. Ooooh!' She gave a little scream as she caught sight of my chest. `Tits! You've got tits. You've got *my* tits!' She poked a finger into my left `breast', nearly bursting the balloon. I was thunderstruck. Oh, no! This was terrible. This was the end! I was *dead*.

She was trying to pull my shorts down, then the top, which she yanked up, revealing the bra, filled with two bright red balloons full of water. That was when Tanya laughed, and I burst into tears. I tried to run away, out of the bedroom, but she was between me and the doorway. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, I couldn't look at my sister. Flinging myself down on the bed, I felt a splosh as my left balloon burst. That made me cry all the more. I think I must almost have fainted.

The next thing I remember, I was still on my bed, wearing only Tanya's panties, and she was cuddling me, whispering softly in my ear. Her huge breasts, straining to escape from her night-dress, were squashed against me. By some instinct, I nuzzled down against one breast, then pushed my nose into the deep cleavage between them, breathing in her sleepy little girl smell.

`Oh, Sis', she murmured. `Is it really so bad, having no tits?' She kissed me softly, wetly on the cheek. My pussy was streaming again. The smell of sex was strong in the little bedroom. My hand found Tanya's plump little bottom, and slid up beneath the hem of her nightie. Her pussy was wet, too. The thick mat of hair around her pussy lips was damp. Her fingers were on the move, as well. She found my moist sex, and I parted my legs to give her easy access. Two of her fingers slid into me easily.

`This is what boys do', she giggled, `they call it fucking!'

`Oh?' Funny, I had always thought fucking was something else. Still, Tanya's posse hung around with boys, so she would surely know about what boys did, and what it was called. She was up to the knuckles now, and a third finger had joined the first two.

`You've got a lovely big hole, Sis, even though you have got no tits!' I was starting to come again. The feeling built up in my loins as the little girl's fingers slipped easily in and out of my soaking wet pussy. She found my clit - ten years old or not, she knew where that was - and diddled it between thumb and fingers. I was panting. Tanya's body was crushed against me, her huge breasts between us like pillows. As the sensation built to an unbelievable climax, I screamed out loud, and she pulled away, startled, looking into my face.

Realising it was nothing more life-threatening than an orgasm, she smiled at me, then took her fingers out of me and held them to her nose, then without taking her eyes from mine, she slipped them one at a time into her mouth. I couldn't look at her sexy little face any more, and looking away, I found her fleshy thighs, slightly parted.

Without thinking, I thrust my face into her crotch. The animal scent of her was almost overwhelming. She was even wetter than me! My nose disappeared into her slit, and Tanya squealed in delight, grabbing the back of my head and pushing me deeper into her. Then I felt the weight of her breasts as she wrapped them around my neck.

Big Little Sister

Chapter 3:- Tanya Sees The Doctor

After that, Saturday nights became even wilder. Tanya still hung around on the corner with her posse. They were all older than her, mostly two or three years older, but even though she was much shorter than the others, her amazing development made her look easily the oldest. She no longer took a shower when she came in from her afternoons and evenings of sexy talk. She let me wallow in the smell and taste of her pussy just as it was when she came home after a whole day of running around, playing with the boys and girls, and obviously thinking about sex. She told me she got wet just thinking about what she was going to do later with her big horny sister.

As soon as Mum and Dad went out, I stripped off and dived into Tanya's soft bed, and the little girl came and joined me. In no time at all, the bed smelled of our pussy juices, or in other words, of steaming, sopping wet sex! It was like fish, and cheese, and wet dogs, all mixed up together. It would have been enough to make me come even without the feel of her enormous breasts and fleshy bottom. *With* the feel of them, I came over and over again!

Meanwhile, month by month, inch by inch, Tanya's breasts got even more huge! By the time she was ten and a half, she needed a bigger bra; as Mum had predicted, her E-cup was overflowing! Mum took her to the shops and they came back empty handed. Tanya told me she had been measured for a custom bra, as they didn't do one in her size. Apparently, she now needed a G-cup!

Mum was getting just a little worried! It was the cost of the hand-made bra that decided her to take Tanya to see the doctor. After all, a ten-year-old girl in a G-cup was pretty unusual. How long was this going to go on?

Tanya told me later about the visit to the doctor's surgery. They had waited about twenty minutes before being called in, and Dr Martin had been sitting behind his desk, reading the computer monitor. Then he had looked up. Tanya giggled as she recalled the expression on the doctor's face. Dr Martin is really old, about twenty-eight or thirty, but he's quite nice. I had seen him when I went about my periods a year or so before.

Anyway, he had looked up from the screen and did a sort of double-take. He looked back at the screen again, then at Tanya, as if he expected her to have disappeared. She hadn't.

`I was wearing my white blouse with the buttons down the front because Mum thought it would be quicker to get undressed. Trouble is, it's a bit tight now, so I had left the top two buttons undone. And it was hot in the waiting room, so I had undone two more. Mum didn't notice, or she would have made me do them up again!'

`So there was quite a lot of tit sticking out of the top of my blouse. The tops of the bra cups were showing, and you know how much cleavage I've got in that new bra. The doctor looked back at the screen, that probably said "Tanya, ten years old" or something like that, then back at me just as the fifth button came undone! Well, I had taken an extra deep breath to impress him!'

We both fell about laughing at the thought of the doctor not being able to believe the size of Tanya's tits. Shit, I couldn't believe them myself, sometimes. `Go on', I urged her, `what did he do?'

`Well, he started to get up from his desk, then suddenly sat down again. He said, "Good morning, Mrs Woods, and ... Tanya, is it?" He couldn't believe it was me.'

I said, `you mean he thought it was *me*?' And we both laughed again at that ridiculous thought.

`Then Mum said why we'd come to see him, and he asked me to take off my blouse and bra and to lie down on the examination table. So I did, and he was sort of watching but not looking. Or looking but not watching. Of course, I took my time getting undressed, and had a bit of trouble getting all my bra hooks undone. I wanted him to help me, but Mum did it instead. Then he examined me.'

Tanya grinned at the memory of it. `He got up very quickly and went over to a table at the side of the room, then hurried round to the other side of the bed from Mum. Then he started feeling my tits! It felt *fantastic*! His hands were cool at first, but they felt me all over, the nipples, everything. I was nearly bursting.'

`He held one in both hands, and felt the sides. He sort of picked them up and bounced them against each other in the middle. He felt underneath them. That felt nice. He played with the nipples a lot, and those big brown bits around the nipples. Then he went and put rubber gloves on and told me to take my shorts and panties off. I was so wet by then! I could really smell the juice while he was examining me down there. Then he told me to get dressed.'

`I had trouble with the bra again, trying to lower my tits into it while I was still sitting on the edge of the table, and they kept sort of hitting me on the legs and falling out of the cups. Still, I got it on eventually, and most of my blouse buttoned up.'

The doctor had found nothing wrong with Tanya's breasts. He had obviously found a lot right with them. But he had told Mum to keep an eye on Tanya's development, to measure her regularly and keep a log of the measurements. She could post a copy of the log to him every six weeks or so.

That was it, he said. She was simply a normal, healthy ten-year-old with very big breasts. Nothing to worry about. (Oh, fine! No problem, then.) She would find games difficult, if her breasts grew any bigger, and he told Mum to ask him for a note to take to school if she found exercise painful or distressing.

Tanya told me she quite enjoyed games, particularly our *special* ones. And being a healthy and fit ten-year-old, she enjoyed bouncing around in the gym and on the sports field - and she certainly enjoyed being the biggest-busted girl in the school by a clear margin of about six inches.

Next day, Mum told me that the doctor had asked for Tanya to be measured every week, and I volunteered to do it if she liked. We decided we would do it every weekend! Of course.

Big Little Sister

Chapter 4:- Tanya's Summer Fun Time

It was almost the school summer holidays. The weather was hot, and so was I, almost permanently. At school, I spent most of the time eyeing up the boys to see which ones I fancied. It was a new experience for me, and an exciting one. One or two of the boys even showed an interest in me, joining me for a chat at lunchtime or waiting for the bus home. Certainly they were not the sort of boys who only had an interest in big-busted girls! More probably, they were attracted by the indefinable sexiness I was giving off, now that sex was constantly on my mind!

At the same time, I was just as fascinated by my female classmates, and especially by the size of their busts. Since Tanya had started developing so dramatically, I had become quite an expert in big tits. All of the girls in my class had tits except me. Most were average sized, but a few showed quite spectacular development. The school uniform of white shirt and tie only served to exaggerate the size of these larger busts.

School-kids can't handle neckties - life's way too short - so they loosen the knot and slip the tie on over their heads. After a few weeks of this, the knot tends to become very small and always seems to be at one end of the tie. Tanya's, for instance, had a very long narrow bit, which she tucked in between the buttons of her shirt. The wide end only hung down about eight inches, or in Tanya's case, simply rested on the upper slopes of her breasts, never even reaching the point at which it would hang down the front!

One of the girls in my class, Samantha, was the same. Her tie rested on her mammoth, firm tits, which stuck out almost horizontally in front of her! I made friends with her, and realised she was just as interested in girls as in boys, although she wasn't a virgin. No more than half of the thirteen-and fourteen-year-olds in my class were virgins.=20

Some of them seemed to be at it almost continuously; one or two even fucking in the lunch hour in the corner of the school playing fields. They would come back into afternoon classes flushed and tousled. The atmosphere in the classroom was distinctly sexy on those warm afternoons. The teachers would say it was `stuffy' and tell us to open all the windows. They always called it `stuffy'. I'm sure there was a better word for it.

The days dragged by until the holidays finally arrived, and we could hardly believe it when we all said good-bye. `See you in September' had a lovely sound to it!

Tanya was going away to camp for two weeks. I was certainly going to miss her. On the first Saturday night of the holidays, Mum and Dad went out as usual, Mum wearing a ridiculously short skirt and a top that showed almost all her tits. Honestly!=20

We were under orders to get Tanya ready for an early start the next morning. There was so much to do! She had to be measured for the doctor's tit-log. Then we had to pack her bag. And that was before we could do anything else we had planned.

As soon as the door slammed, we got out the tape measure. Dad had printed a little form on his computer, with spaces for Tanya's measurements. There were columns for height, chest (below breasts), bust (fullest part), waist, and hips. Another column was for the date, and there was room for six weeks. I thought Dad was taking this whole business a bit too seriously.

So would we, in that case. We had a bit of wall marked off with heights, and my sister stood with her back against it. She was four feet eight inches tall. Tanya's chest was 26 inches. Her bust, around the fullest part, was 40 inches, perhaps half an inch more. She was 22 inches in the waist and her hips measured 30 inches.

After that, I was almost too wet to do anything except cuddle Tanya, but we still had her packing to do. There was a mountain of clean clothes, freshly laundered and aired. She took both her new G-cup bras, eight pairs of knickers and several T-shirts and tops as well as two pairs of jeans. After she had closed her bag, not without a struggle, she peeled off her knickers and pushed them into my hand.

`You can sniff these next Saturday night, while I'm away!' she laughed, and tried to rub them in my face. Instead, I managed to wrestle her to the bed and wiped the knickers across the girl's streaming crotch, until she was almost screaming and told me we would have Mum and Dad coming back if we weren't careful. So we *were* careful, and played with each other until Tanya fell asleep and I took her knickers to bed with me.

I hid them in my purse, and carried them around with me for the entire two weeks as a constant reminder of my little sister, even though they were dry and crisp long before even the first week was up. There was still a hint of her pussy-scent about them, even then, which perhaps goes to show how wet they were when she gave them to me!

When at last the end of the second week came round, the Saturday, Mum took me to Tanya's school to wait for the bus bringing the girls back from camp. It was a scorchingly hot afternoon. I was feeling like a wringing wet dish-rag waiting in the car, and Mum and I got out and stood under the trees, chatting to some of the other parents.=20

Then the bus arrived, and spilled out its load of nubile girlhood. Tanya saw us, and came running over with her bag, her enormous breasts bouncing around like a pair of puppies under her shirt. All the other parents were staring at her. She hugged Mum. I took the bag and her moist hand and we made our way back to the car.

She sat in the back seat and I turned to talk to her all the way home. `My bra was rubbing, so I took it off in the bus', she explained, and Mum frowned a little. Tanya was grinning cheekily and cupping her breasts, squeezing them together so that the nipples both pointed at me, aimed right between my eyes. I thought, `Oh yeah, the whole bus has been feeling this kid's tits all the way home!' She giggled at me, and my loins melted as she silently mouthed the word `tonight!'

I carried her bag straight upstairs and we went into her bedroom. Mum had gone to have a shower as soon as we were home: it was Saturday night and they were going out as usual. Coming out wrapped in a towel on her way to her bedroom, she shouted over her shoulder to Tanya to put all her dirty stuff straight into the laundry basket and have a shower. We giggled to each other and carried on unpacking. There seemed to be several pairs of panties which she hadn't yet worn. When I asked if their had been a laundry at the summer camp, Tanya shook her head and smiled at me. I was feeling sexier and sexier, just being close to my sister again. I wanted only for our parents to get out of the house. At last, they shouted goodnight and the back door slammed behind them.

We didn't undress straight away. We both felt the need to take our time. Instead of throwing ourselves into her bed, we sat down on the edge of it, with our warm thighs touching. Tanya was full of her adventures. She had been in a tent with seven other girls, and they had instantly become known as `the Lesbian tent'. She had initiated the others into the delights of girl-girl love play, and by the time the first week was over, there were a number of experts amongst them. She then confirmed my suspicions, whispering that the reason she had removed her bra on the bus was that four girls were sucking her, one to each nipple, two to her pussy, on the back seat all the way back.

All this sexy talk was making me hotter and wetter, and Tanya's closeness was making it all the worse. The little girl peeled off her T-shirt, revealing her giant young tits, the nipples fully erect. God, I thought, she had grown visibly in the last two weeks. We had missed a week with the tape measure. I wondered what the doctor would think of that.

`Quickly', I told her, `get the tape measure!' She hadn't increased in height in two weeks. Her waist was more or less the same, and so were her hips. So, indeed, was her chest. But Column Three, Bust (fullest part) was up to 41.

Then she said, `I've got a special surprise for you!' She wriggled out of her shorts, and said: `I have been wearing these same knickers for a whole week, just for you!'

My head spun. The very thought of her wearing the same knickers, just so that I would be able to enjoy their fragrance!

`Every day?' I asked, faintly.

`And every night!' I put them on last Saturday morning, and I have only taken them off since to go to the toilet! she was standing lewdly in front of me with her legs slightly apart, touching herself. I could see the crotch of her knickers was stained yellow and wet through, and I could smell the pungent odour of her sex, a whole week's worth of it.

Slumping to my knees in front of my little sister's crotch, I gripped her knickers between my teeth and pulled them down. Her smell was indescribable! I should have felt repelled. Instead, I pushed my face into her crack, and as usual, she placed both hands behind my head and pushed hard! I came immediately, and so did Tanya two minutes later, her usual wetness suddenly augmented by a literal gush of juices all over my face and into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, then sagged back on my haunches and rubbed the rest into my face and neck before Tanya's mouth fastened itself against mine and our tongues explored each other.

After what could have been hours, we both fell asleep, curled in each other's arms. I woke up when I heard the back door creak open as Mum and Dad came home. I had woken up just in time! I got up and kissed Tanya's left breast. The girl stirred in her sleep, then turned over and placed a thumb in her mouth. The fingers of her other hand twined themselves in her pubic hair. Regretfully, I crept into my own room and slipped between the cold sheets.

Big Little Sister

Chapter 5:- The Doctor's Tit-Log

Those summer holidays were memorable in many ways. First of all, my love-making with my little sister Tanya became more and more outrageous. Each time, we learned new and exciting ways to give pleasure to each other. And we seized more and more opportunities to be together. Almost every night, we would wait until Mum and Dad had gone to sleep before one of us would go creeping into the other's room for an hour or more of sisterly sex.

The second memory of that summer was that my own tits began to develop, at long last! My bust was nowhere near the immense size of my sister's, but the puffy little buds on my chest suddenly turned into teats the size of halved apples, which tingled all the time, but especially when Tanya sucked them in bed.

By the time that September came around, my breasts were six weeks old and I needed a bra, not just because the school rules demanded it, but because my breasts had swelled so much. They dangled down under their weight, and I could easily stick a pencil underneath one of them and it would stay there. The pencil test! I am never quite sure whether you have to pass it or fail it! Just to keep a sense of proportion, Tanya reminded me that she could hold a typewriter under one of hers!

Still, I was proud of my little 32B bra, and was almost looking forward to the reaction of the others at school. Fourteen was late to get tits, but it was better than never. Tanya, meanwhile, was looking increasingly like an erotic cartoon. The only thing was, erotic cartoonists do not usually depict ten-year-old girls! If they did, they would go to jail. And if they did, they would never even dream of drawing them with tits the size that Tanya had!

The Doctor's Tit-Log, Volume One, had been completed and sent off. We had started a new one, and it was becoming obvious that the only column which showed any noticeable change on a regular basis was the bust measurement. From 40 inches at the end of July, it had reached 44 inches after six weeks!

The G-cup bras that had been made for her in June were now overflowing. When she took her clothes off, her breasts dangled to well below her waist! Wandering around the house without her bra, her breasts, inside her shirt, hung over the waistband of her jeans. Several times, Mum told her to go and put a bra on, even though she was just hanging around indoors - literally hanging around. I am sure it was because it was making Mum feel inadequate. Either that, or she thought it would make Dad too excited.

Whatever the reason, young Tanya told me she thought she was growing faster than ever, and on the Saturday night before we went back to school, as soon as Mum and Dad went out and we were naked, she fetched the tape measure as usual and brought it to my bedroom. Then she started measuring me, just like that.

It was a strange feeling, her little hands brushing against me as she took my measurements, especially the bust, which she left until last. After the torment of her fingers gently touching my pussy and buttocks, she transferred her attention to my breasts, and my nipples doubled in size in seconds. Her nails grazed the sides of my sensitive boobs. All the time, her little face was set in concentration, the tip of her tongue sticking out.

I loved her so much, I bent down and touched her tongue with mine, and for a few minutes, she dropped the tape measure and we kissed deeply and wetly. But then she pulled away and picked up the tape measure.

`It's your turn to measure me, now. You're a 35 inch bust, by the way.' I held the tape with shaking fingers, first round her waist. `Twenty-three', I told her.

I had to kneel by her side to measure her hips. Down there, the smell of her sex was stronger than ever. Tiny droplets of moisture were beading on the lush fur around her pussy. The tape went around her bottom, and I only just managed to restrain myself from burying my face in her wet cunt as I did it.


Finally, I stood up behind her and passed the tape around her chest. Her back was far broader and more muscular than mine. Carrying all that weight around had developed the muscles.

The tape went round her chest, just below the breasts. I had to slip it up underneath her overhanging monsters, which she obligingly lifted up for me. `There you are, twenty-nine, no, thirty.'

She was getting bigger all over, although she was still only four feet eight tall. Now for the big one.

To measure around the fullest part of her bust, she had to help me by holding the tape so that it lay across both nipples. The difficulty was that I had put the tape around her chest, but her nipples were right down at the level of her stomach! They never said it was going to be easy, I thought.

Surely not!

I tried again.

`What's the matter?' Tanya wanted to know. She had let go of the tape and her tits were flopping massively around on her stomach as she turned round. `Why don't you tell me?' she demanded.

`I can't believe this,' I said, `but I've measured your bust twice. The first time it came to forty-seven inches, and I couldn't believe that, so I tried again and it was even bigger! You're forty-eight inches, Tan!' She looked at the tape I was holding out to show her. My thumb was on the 48 inch mark, all right. Shit, this girl was not yet eleven, and still growing at something more than an inch a week! She now needed something like a 34-N cup bra! Where was it all going to end?

We showed Mum the log the next morning, and she said it was time to see the doctor again. She phoned for an appointment.

Knowing that my little sister now had a 48 inch bust did take some of the joy out of going back to school to show off my own new breasts. When I got there, though, I realised that most of my classmates didn't even know I had a little sister, let alone such a big little one, and I was delighted to receive quite a few sidelong glances from girls as well as boys. Perhaps the girls thought I had become tired of being flat-chested and had decided to stuff my bra! If only they knew as much as I did about stuffing bras!

I was determined that some of them were going to find out how real my tits were before long, and it didn't matter to me whether they were boys or girls. It would be interesting to find out what it was like to really get off with a boy, but it would be just as interesting to find out if other girls were as expert and as creative as Tanya!

It didn't take long to find out. Within a week, a boy asked me out to the cinema, and I accepted so eagerly it must have done wonders for his morale. He had never been out with any of the other girls, as far as I could tell, and unfortunately it showed when the lights went down and the picture came on the screen. He put an arm across the back of my seat, but avoided touching my shoulder. I was getting desperate. At last, I sat up straight just as he was changing the position of his arm - he must have been getting cramp - and his hand brushed against my shoulder. Straight away, I snuggled into him and put my head on his shoulder, and his hand finally wrapped itself around me as we both gave a sigh of relief.

That was all that happened. We walked home without touching each other, and he bolted when we said goodnight. Looking over his shoulder, I could see Tanya watching from her bedroom window, pulling faces and pressing her night-shirt-clad tits against the glass! I could do without dates like that.

My sister wanted to know all about it when I got in, and she was as disappointed as I was when I told her everything that had happened. I was so pissed off, I couldn't even summon up the enthusiasm to play with myself in bed.

Fortunately, it was the only time I went out with that boy, and the very next one was altogether different, finding his way into my bra almost before the main feature had started. He was clumsy and he squeezed too hard, and when his hand started feeling the inside of my thigh, I decided to call a halt. Still, he had found out that my tits were the real thing, and no doubt he told the whole school the next day.

In fact, I am sure he did, because my next few dates were with boys who came straight to the point and climbed into my bra within five minutes. None of them got past the thigh-fondling stage, though, until Samantha's party.

Big Little Sister

Chapter 6:- The Party

Samantha was in my class. She was a big, noisy girl who boasted of having lost her virginity at twelve. She was taller than me, and her tits were magnificent, jutting globes that bounced mightily whenever she moved. Her hips were broad and wiggled hugely as she walked, especially when she thought any boys were watching. Which, to be fair, they usually were!

She was having a party to celebrate her parents being away for a weekend, and the house was being looked after by a man friend of theirs who, Samantha said, fancied her. She had invited about a dozen girls of our class at school, and around ten boys. I got permission from Mum to stop over at Samantha's that night, and three of the other girls had done the same. So, I discovered, had two of the boys.

The party itself was nothing special. We had music for dancing, but before long it had degenerated into a sex romp, with boys and girls pairing off and disappearing into various rooms, reappearing some time later adjusting their clothing. I lost my bra very early in the evening, then later, found myself in Samantha's bedroom with three other girls and two boys.

Even with my experiences with Tanya, I was amazed at some of the things the girls got up to with the boys and with each other, although I think I surprised them all with my well-practised tongue. I had easily the smallest breasts of the four girls, which made me envious, but it didn't seem to make any difference when we all really got down to action. I was able to do quite a bit of breast-play with the other girls, who, I could tell, appreciated it.

One of the girls, Sarah, was a fourteen-year-old with *huge* floppers that seemed to be almost as big as Tanya's. She was also extremely slim, fantastically so; she probably had around an eighteen inch waist measurement! As a result, once she was naked, they looked even bigger. She could stick both nipples in her ears at the same time, without bending her head forward. That's floppy! I gave Sarah's tits a good sucking, and she squatted on my face as she came, what felt like half a pint of girl-juice all over my head and shoulders.

After that, I received a lot of attention from some of the others who wanted to kiss, as well as from Samantha's parents' dog, which was thrown out several times, but kept finding his way back to me again. Each time, he mounted my leg, and thrust his long nose into the crotch of my panties. The boys thought it was great fun, and no doubt, so did the dog.

Samantha herself had disappeared halfway through the evening, together with Mark, the house-sitter. It was while I was avoiding the dog again that I blundered into her bedroom, and found our host vigorously riding Mark, with a lot of whooping and hollering as she bounced up and down on him.

The dog shot into the bedroom as soon as the door opened, and I followed, trying to catch him, but we all arrived on the bed at the same time, coinciding with Mark's orgasm and one of Samantha's noisier climaxes. The result was confusion, but the dog was expelled when he bit Samantha on the bottom. She gathered him up in her arms and carried him out of the bedroom.

Strangely, though, she didn't come back immediately. I was snogging Mark in a quiet way, nothing ecstatic, and after about five minutes he was getting quite hard and throbby. He was fondling my breasts and starting to make little moaning noises, so I thought I might as well join in the fun, and so what if Samantha did come back.

Within a few minutes I was absolutely naked on the bed, on my hands and knees, and Mark was behind me, his hard cock probing gently at my pussy, which was pouring juices by now. I helped him find his way into me, separating my pussy lips with my fingers, and suddenly, without any rough thrusting, he was inside! It was tight, he felt huge in there, but at the same time it was fantastic.

I couldn't keep still, I was bucking and thrusting against him and he was whispering little things like `Oh, Baby, you're incredible!' which I found a bit embarrassing at first. Then he was thrusting faster, and the feeling was making me tingle all over, right down to the tips of my dangling tits, but especially in my puss. It got bigger and bigger, the feeling, until it felt as if I was being washed along on the crest of a great wave approaching the shore.

We hit the beach at exactly the same moment, as I felt his juices shooting into me, mingling with what felt like gallons of goo from me! We collapsed in a heap on the bed, kissing and cuddling and kissing again, all over each others' faces and bodies. Slowly recovering, we found we were lying in a puddle which had not yet soaked away into the sheets, there was so much of it!

Mark told me I was the wettest girl he had ever met, and the best fuck by far. All I had done was to buck and thrash about a bit! Well, if that's all it took=85

Samantha had still not come back, so Mark and I slowly got up and put some of our clothes back on, then made our way downstairs, expecting to find a quiet drink and join the party again. It wasn't like that at all. A huge cheer went up when we appeared, with Samantha cheering loudest of all. We were escorted into the kitchen, then the music stopped, and somebody put a tape on the machine.

Suddenly, Mark's voice rang out into the room at eighty watts a channel! `Ooooh, baby, you are incredible=85oooh, yes, do that again!' then my voice, which I had never liked the sound of, saying something like, `aaaaargh, yes, yes, yes, YESSS!' before Mark joined in and we both howled like dogs. The rest was mercifully drowned out by cheering. I could have died.

But I was very busy for the rest of the evening, which ended round about breakfast time.

Big Little Sister

Chapter 7:-Crazy Hormones

After that, my school friends treated me with some respect. I didn't see Mark again, although within a week, I had a dozen dates lined up. And I got absolutely fucked solid on every one of them. None of the boys were as good as Mark, but it was valuable experience. I tried to remember to use contraception, but I know for sure it was sometimes forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Christmas was approaching, and my tits were getting bigger all the time. After waiting so long for them, my impatience was certainly being rewarded! By the start of December, I needed a bigger bra than my 32B, and actually went into a shop to try a few on. The woman said I needed a C cup, but a 32 was too tight, and a 34 a bit loose. But I told her I was growing, and bought the 34C. The cups were completely full.

My delight at needing a bigger bra was tempered a little by the sight of Tanya's continuing development. My sister was still not yet eleven years old, but her bust, which had been 48 inches in September, was now a whopping 51! That wasn't all. Her waist had been 23, her hips 32. Now, her hips had swelled to 36, and her waist was nearly 30! She was now four feet ten inches tall.

I remember that very sexy measuring session! Running the tape around Tanya's chest, just below her tits, showed us that she was up to 31 inches, making her bra size now 36, so her overall 51-inch bust measurement made her even bigger than the N cup she had needed only three months before.

The doctor had seen Tanya at the start of September, and again had said she was OK. I think he just enjoyed the experience. He told Mum to bring her back (or did he say *send* her back) if she started getting bigger any quicker than she was.

Now, though, her weight gain, all over, was causing Mum some concern, rather more than Tanya, who was quite happy with it as long as her tits kept pace with the rest of her, and they were doing that easily. But Mum had to find clothes big enough to fit her younger daughter, as if her bras weren't enough of a problem. Loose dresses were one solution, and maternity-type smocks, although some of the neighbours started looking at her in a disapproving manner.

She could pass for pregnant, too. Her breasts hung to below the level of her waist, even in a bra, and they stood out a long way in front of her, so the huge bulge they made was down on her stomach.

It went on, too. She got even bigger. She claimed it was through over-eating at the Christmas holidays, but by February, her measurements were a staggering 54-32-38! At least she was eleven by then!

And I was pregnant!

I had fallen sometime over Christmas. By the time I had missed a couple of months, I noticed that my boobs had reached the point where they were noticeably too big for my C cup bra. Mum had noticed, too, and we had a tearful scene when I told her the news. To my surprise, she was lovely and understanding and kind, and gave me a big hug, and after we had been to the doctor and had it confirmed, we actually sat down and started making plans for the baby, which would be due sometime in late September.

She suggested that if I wanted to try and disguise my shape and pass it off as a bit of fat, I could probably get away with not telling the kids at school, and she could write a letter to the head teacher asking for me to be excused gym and swimming.

Tanya was thrilled. She wanted babies, too! She didn't have any boyfriends: her shape was so extreme, she frightened them off. As Spring passed, and Summer days got hotter and hotter, I was getting used to carrying my baby around under my school blouse.

But disguise wasn't really working. For a start, I was enormous! My bulge was particularly noticeable, and my breasts had almost exploded, they grew so fast. In a month, I went from a D cup to a K! My bust was a size 43. The girls at school worked out the truth about my condition for themselves, and most of them were thrilled about it.

Meanwhile, Tanya's hormones were going crazy. After her surge of weight gain, she lost it all again, in six months! Well, not all of it. Her breasts continued to get bigger, which made her figure absolutely unbelievable. By August, she measured a staggeringly voluptuous 60-24-36! She needed a 36 W cup bra, and her breasts hung almost to the level of her pussy. At eleven! `Eleven *and a half*', she reminded me.

What was going on around here?

Our Saturday love-sessions had continued, and they were pretty steamy, despite my bulging abdomen and Tanya's incredible tits. Both our tits were extremely sensitive. Tanya would start coming if I so much as touched her nipples, and my swollen breasts with their huge, deep brown areolae responded eagerly and instantly to Tanya's skilled tongue and lips.

In fact, we hardly needed to touch each other. Sometimes, I would slowly undress my sister, peeling off her burstingly full and tight extra-extra-large T-shirt, unfastening the ten hooks of her mammoth bra, carefully lowering her huge tits to rest on her lower stomach, then lifting them apart to unfasten the clasp of her jeans before removing them and her sopping wet pants. By the time she was naked, juices would be trickling down the inside of both her thighs. And mine.

Virginia was born on September 8th. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. I was just fifteen.

Tanya, my big little sister, was getting broody. She wanted lots of babies. Seeing me breast feeding Virginia, she wanted to do it, too. My figure began to return to normal, apart from my milk-laden breasts. I seemed to have no shortage of milk, and it would spurt all over the place. There was certainly plenty for Virginia, and plenty for Tanya, too!

She said to me, one Saturday night as we lay in her bed, `I hope you have another baby soon, and another, so you can keep on feeding for ever.'

I wasn't so sure about that, but then, looking down at my great udders, the nipples fully one and a half inches long where my sister and her niece had been suckling; and at young Auntie Tanya's even more massive ones, lying side by side, *ten feet* of breast flesh between us, and I thought, well, maybe it's not such a bad idea....

Big Little Sister

<to be continued...>



Chapter 8:- Hello Again!

My daughter Victoria's third birthday party has just ended. Why a child of three should *need* a party, I'm not sure, but she seemed to enjoy it. Little Pansy, I can say, hasn't expressed an opinion one way or the other, but she's only nine months old. I am having a rest. It gets tiring, keeping an eye on a bunch of kids, and my back aches when I stand up too long. I have never really become used to having such big breasts, especially when you compare them to the rest of me.

The girls are playing together, looked after by their Auntie Tanya, and her little girl, Suzanne. I love the sound of kids playing. It takes me back to when I was a little child with not a care in the world. But the story I am going to tell you took place more recently, five or six weeks ago.

Well, that's the intro over and done with. Time for a bit of explanation. Some people who are reading this may not have met me before. Well, Hi! Forgive me if I don't mention my name, but my parents don't want thousands of folks coming round the house staring throught the windows and into the garden, trying to catch a glimpse of us girls. We've been the talking point of the whole village for quite long enough for our notoriety to have lost any appeal it may once have had.

Notoriety? Well, yes. Although I have two children - two lovely little girls - I am only just eighteen. Two children at such a tender age? Surely, in these modern times et cetera... Well, no! Victoria wasn't planned, although I was having sex as if it had just been invented, ever since I invented it when I was fourteen.

Having a second baby was Tanya's idea! She said I ought to have my family while I was young enough to enjoy them. And I thought about that, and even discussed it with Mum, and we all thought about it. Well, we figured, I already had one kid, and that would screw up my school work anyway. Why not get a private tutor to teach me at home, and since I was at home anyway, why not have another baby? There's logic in there, somewhere!

Anyway, Tanya wanted me to keep on having babies so that I would be feeding all the time. Then she could suck my huge milk-laden tits! No ordinary little sister, Tanya! I remember when she first said she wanted me to keep on feeding for ever, we were lying in bed together, with my Victoria, and I looked down at Tanya's and my tits together on the sheets, and thought, there's the best part of ten feet of tit in this bed!

And Tanya, at the time, had been only eleven! Well, eleven and a half!

Well, you know the story now. I have two little girls. I am still feeding. My tits are enormous. The only part of the story that I haven't explained is that Tanya is a mother, too. Suzanne is just six months old. Tanya's tits aren't just enormous, they're absolutely gigantic! Having gallons of milk certainly helps. But she's fourteen now, and her titties have been growing more or less steadily since she was nine, so she's well used to having them by now.=20

That's one reason I don't always think of Tanya as a younger sister, more as a big little sister. She's not as tall as me: I'm around five feet four, she's five one, but her build is more ... well, robust. It needs to be, carrying around fifty pounds of breast-flesh all the time. Her back and shoulders are far more powerful than mine, as you can feel if ever you get the opportunity to run your hands across her naked body.


Tanya's titties always were huge for her age. After first developing at only eight, she wore a C-cup bra at nine, and before she was eleven, she needed something like an N-cup. Custom-made, of course. Shortly after her eleventh birthday, her bust reached 54 inches, and her whole body was putting on weight. Then her hormones sort of settled down, and she slimmed back to a normal figure, if you can call a 60-inch bust normal!

I think Tanya deliberately went out one evening with the intention of getting pregnant. She always hung around (literally) with a bunch of kids from the village. They were all older than her, but to look at them together, you would never have guessed, of course. I knew they had little touching and feeling games, from some of the things Tanya had told me on Saturday nights when we played around in her bed.

At one time - when Mum had been getting really worried about Tanya's expanding tits, and had taken her to see the doctor - we had the quite arousing task of measuring her breasts every Saturday night; but once her spectacular growth had dwindled to an inch every four to six weeks, the doctor said we could stop keeping a log.

Anyway, where was I? You shouldn't let me get side-tracked like this. Tanya getting pregnant. She went out with the usual crowd one Saturday. It would have been when Victoria was around nine or ten months old. Tanya had become rather quiet lately, and obviously wanted a baby of her own. Who knows what decided her, but she made her mind up, the way young girls do, then just went out and did it!

I don't know how she selected the lucky boy, but he must have thought it was all his birthdays and the Fourth of July rolled into one (Tanya told me to put that bit in, in case anyone in the USA ever reads this story - she lives in a dream-world, that girl) when the watermelon-breasted twelve-year-old favoured him with her attentions. I am sure he was her first lover - at least, to put it another way, the first boy she allowed to go all the way with her.

Perhaps she thought she would do it just this once, then if she enjoyed it and still felt she wanted a baby, she would keep trying every now and again. As luck would have it, she didn't get a chance to change her mind. She missed her period, and in another month she was certain enough to see the doctor, who welcomed her into his surgery as enthusiastically as he always did. Our doctor was a tit-man, no doubt about it.

He told her she was pregnant. Her bust continued to increase, but faster now, from its normal 60 inches to 65, then 70! Then her tummy grew, and the curtains would twitch every time she walked down the village street. Our neighbours, who had always shown disapproval of the two sisters in our family, now really had something to tut-tut about!

Tanya had been wearing loose clothing since her bust got really big, when she was only ten. The neighbours assumed she was pregnant then. They were probably secretly a bit disappointed when she stayed more or less the same size. Then *my* tits started to grow, and I began running around in sexy clothing, and the neighbours got all excited again. When I actually did get pregnant, it must have made their day. Since then, apart from some very close old friends of our parents, the rest of the village has disowned us. If they could, they would move away so as to be out of the line of fire when Heaven starts showering us with thunderbolts, and all that sulphur and brimstone and stuff.

Suzanne was born in the Autumn, so she's about four months older than Pansy. Tanya, who loves to wind up the neighbours, often takes her baby in the buggy down to the corner of the village street to meet her friends - and the baby's daddy. She was the first thirteen-year-old mother to breast-feed a baby outside the village post office on a Saturday afternoon. It drew quite an appreciative audience!

Since then, she has breast-fed Suzanne on a park bench on the village green, in the queue for the check-out at the supermarket, and - best of all, she says - behind one of the goals at a local soccer match. The referee had to blow his whistle and stop the game as all twenty-two players were watching the show instead of playing. Several were standing around in groups with their tongues practically hanging out. Then he came over and asked if she could possibly move somewhere else, or at least put her breasts away. Tanya said he was quite dishy. Maybe she's got a thing about figures of authority.

Chapter 9:- The Arrival Of Twins

It was a couple of months ago, just before the school summer holidays started.=20

Mum was doing something in the kitchen. She had her working head on, so we were trying to keep out of her way. The washing machine was spinning at full speed, so Mum was shouting. You could hear her all down the street, although she couldn't hear herself.

"They can help look after the babies" she bawled. "It will be a little holiday for you, both of you, even though you won't be going away anywhere. And it will only be for three weeks, when the school summer holidays start."

I went into the kitchen and yelled at her. "But they're a couple of spoilt, snotty-nosed brats, you know they are."

"They're thirteen now. You last saw them when they were about eight. They'll be grown-up little ladies now, you'll see! Anyway, there's no point in arguing. They've got to come, their mother and father have had a bust-up. They're coming and that's final."

"That's ALL we need", groaned Tanya when I told her the big news. "Cindy and Mindy, the Horror Twins from Hell."

"Cindy and Melanie", I corrected her, mechanically. "Mum says they're thirteen now, so they'll be all grown up."

"Kids like that never grow up", she said grimly, with all the assurance of a great big grown-up fourteen-year-old. She laid Suzanne down for her afternoon rest and straightened up with an effort, her mammoth boobs bouncing for several seconds. I watched as the huge mounds of flesh rippled and rebounded against each other under her thin cotton shirt. "And another thing, has anyone thought to tell them we already have three little kids in the house? And who the mothers are?"

"I imagine so", I said, imagining no such thing. "But they'll find out soon enough when they arrive. They'll be here in the morning."

"Oh, shit! Tomorrow?" Tanya's shoulders slumped. When you have an 80-inch bust and you let your shoulders slump, they stay slumped. Mine is only 61 inches but I know how she feels.


The twins' father delivered them at 10.30 the next morning. He was away up the lane in a shower of dust and gravel before anyone could change their mind. Off to see his lover, or to patch things up with his wife? Whatever. Mum welcomed the twins, who walked up the path with permanent expressions of distaste on their faces and large bags in their hands.

As soon as I saw them, I remembered all that there was to remember about these two horrid little girls. Then I realised there was something I didn't remember about them. They had grown up a little. At five feet three tall, they were nearly as tall as me. And as well as growing up, they had grown out. Not a little, a lot! A whole lot!

They had matching hair-styles. Their medium-brown hair was tied in matching pony tails with matching pink ribbons. They wore wearing matching jeans, running shoes and T-shirts. And although I couldn't see through their matching T-shirts, I guessed they also wore matching DD-cup bras! These two were seriously stacked. If it hadn't been for having Tanya about the place, I would have thought the twins were two of the biggest-busted thirteen-year-olds I had ever seen.

They came into the house, looking sniffily around as if to say, `that's something else I hate about this place, we will have to get *that* changed'. Mum saw me watching from the bottom of the stairs and told them, "There's your big cousin, she'll show you the way to your room", and disappeared gratefully into the kitchen.

So I took them upstairs, and opened the door of what would be their bedroom for the next three weeks, and they went in. There was a shriek, or rather twin shrieks. These two really did do everything the same! They probably had their periods in sync. Losing their virginity was going to be a bit of a challenge, but they would probably manage it.

Then I realised the cause of the shrieks. They had just met their cousin Tanya.

Tanya was lying on the bed, feeding Suzanne.

A word of explanation. Tanya was so big, she couldn't easily sit with Suzanne in her lap and feed her, because her nipples were so far in front of her, if the child was able to reach the nipple, Tanya couldn't reach the child. It was what our Daddy referred to as a major design problem. It's not all that major, I sometimes think, when Tanya likes to, such as in the supermarket or at the football match, she can manage perfectly well. But at home, when she wants to be comfortable, she has worked out another method for herself.

It's not a problem for me, as my breasts are less full and more dangly than Tanya's, so I can sort of bend them round toward the baby's mouth.

Together, we had overcome Tanya's problem by feeding our babies at the same time. I would hold Tanya's baby to her breast, while she held my baby to mine! It worked quite well, although the bonding may have been a little confusing for the kids. Alone, though, Tanya had to devise her own method. She tried putting baby on the bed and lying beside her where they could both reach. But she found the most efficient way was to put Suzanne on the floor, on a blanket, then Tanya would dangle a breast over the edge of the bed. It reached the floor, with the nipple about the right height off the floor for the baby.

That was the sight which had frightened the twins! As well it might. They looked at Tanya, then back at me, realising for the first time that the huge mounds beneath *my* shirt weren't bulges of fat, they were BOOBS almost two-thirds the size of the udders which Tanya was currently displaying. DD-cups or not, young Cindy and Melanie felt instantly inadequate, and I imagine that was not a feeling they were at all used to.

They looked as if they would like to turn round and rush out of the room, but I was blocking the doorway. So I formally introduced them.

"Twins, you know your cousin Tanya, and her daughter Suzanne. Suzanne, say hello to your big cousins, Cindy and Melanie." I wondered whether they were in fact Suzanne's cousins, or second cousins, or whatever, but decided to let it go. The baby, having been well brought up, didn't answer with her mouth full, and anyway was far too preoccupied to worry about her precise relationship with these young women. I also realised I didn't know which was Cindy and which was Melanie: not that it mattered. You couldn't have one without the other.

The twins didn't know where to put themselves. They had dropped their bags on the floor and were trying to look anywhere but at Tanya. Easier said than done, as their eyes kept returning to those vast tits. Suzanne was glugging steadily away at the left one, while Tanya was inspecting the nipple of the other, hoisting the huge breast in both her tiny hands. A drop of milk formed on the tip of the outsized nipple, and Tanya bent her head forward and licked it off. Most women can not lick their nipples. Some can just reach them. I can, easily. Tanya has a different problem with hers. Her breasts are so big and fat that her nipples are too far away to reach, unless she really makes an effort. God, watching her make the effort was making me feel horny, I don't know what effect it was having on the twins.

"Time for a change, Suze!" She detached the baby from the left teat, then sat up straight with a grunt, turned her body and lowered the other breast carefully down, guiding it towards Suzanne, who latched on to it with a satisfied slurp. "I'll get off your bed as soon as she's had her dinner", said Tanya, to the twins who were watching with fascination and horror, "there might even be a drop left over for you, if you want some. I've got plenty!"

The twins shuddered in perfect unison. They looked down, first at their own chests, then at each others. Until ten minutes agao, they had been the big-tit queens of their entire world. Now, they might as well have been flat-chested. This nightmare girl and her nightmare sister had bounced into their lives with what must have been twenty times as much tit as they had between them!

Suddenly, I had a feeling that the next three weeks might not be quite as bad as I had thought. I looked at Tanya, and we both grinned at each other. The twins weren't the only ones around here with telepathy.

Chapter 10:- Feeding Time

It was later in the day. "What do you do round here?" Cindy asked, wrinkling her nose. I knew it was Cindy, because she was wearing a sweat-shirt with her name embroidered on the peak of her left breast. Provided you stood in the right place, you could tell them apart quite easily, so long as you could read.

"What do we *do*?" I asked.

"How do you stop getting bored?" This time it was Melanie, sounding bored.

Tanya looked at them as if they had just arrived from outer space. "Sex, mostly!"

The twins blushed bright red and looked at each other. Cindy spoke. "What, sex? With boys?"

"Mostly boys, yes", said Tanya, "but sometimes with girls. Girls are just as good!" She glanced at me. "Or better!"

The twins looked confused. "We had a boyfriend once", said Melanie.

"Are you lesbians, then?" Cindy wanted to know. She wrinkled her nose again as if she was dreading hearing the answer.

Tanya was enjoying this conversation. "Oooh, yes! If you really want to have your pussy touched, or your ..." she looked down at the twins' breasts as if noticing them for the very first time, "...your titties sucked, other girls are much better at it than boys." She glanced at me again. "What day is this, sis?"

"Saturday", I told her, knowing what was coming.

"Oooh, good! When Mum and Dad go out tonight, we'll be able to play our old Saturday night game. It will be great fun with four of us."

"Game?" said Cindy, faintly.

"It's just a game we used to play when Tanya was just starting to grow into a woman, four years ago, I suppose it was", I said. "We used to get undressed and play with each other, and we'd get really horny in no time. Tanya was only ten then, but her titties were huge, and I had none at all!" The twins looked at my chest in disbelief.

"I remember I pinched her brand new E-cup bra from the laundry basket, and put it on, and filled some balloons with water, and put them in the bra cups instead of tits, and I put all her clothes on!"

The twins were staring at each other's breasts, trying to imagine a ten-year-old Tanya with an E-cup bra, bigger than theirs.

Tanya joined in the fun. "And I came into your bedroom and found you playing with yourself! Do you remember when I came back from Summer camp and I'd been wearing the same panties for a *whole week*? They were really CRISP!"

"I can still taste them now", I said. The twins were backing away in horror. "Your bed was absolutely soaking wet that night!"

"That was mostly your juice", said Tanya, quite correctly, although I wished she had kept the information to herself. "It will be great, though. What time can we start?"

"I heard them say they were going out at eight."

"You know", Tanya whispered, and twins leaned forward to hear, although they still looked horror-stricken, "This will be the first time we'll have done it since we've both been feeding! The bed will be getting even wetter."

I know I was by this time. My pussy was screaming for attention. Never mind the twins, I slipped a hand down inside the front of my shorts. Cindy was looking at me out of the corner of her eye, with a panicky expression on her face.

Tanya wasn't going to miss out. She lifted the vast bulk of one breast with one arm so that she could get her free hand down to play with her crotch through the front of her jeans. A dark spot had appeared where the moisture was already seeping through the material. Melanie was staring at it, her eyes almost out on stalks.

I grabbed and kneaded my own breast roughly, yanking at the nipple through my outsize T-shirt. Within seconds, I was rewarded by a slowly-spreading patch around the nipple as the milk began to flow. I looked down at it, making sure the twins saw it too. "Oh, shit, look at that! It's feeding time and Pansy's still asleep." Tanya was there in a flash, tugging at the bottom of my shirt. In seconds, she had liberated one of my heavy breasts, then she slipped down to her knees and raised her head to drink in great noisy slurps.

"This tastes fantastic", she gurgled, rolling her eyes at the twins who were looking at each other. Cindy, I noticed, kept licking her lips. She was blushing. Melanie, who was nearer to me, was gently stroking one of her own nipples, and they had quickly become erect. A quick glance at Cindy showed that hers were erect, too. Well, they would be, wouldn't they!

"Well, come on, then, girls!" I slid the shirt aside and let the other breast flop down. It rested on my stomach, bobbing gently. "Who's first?"

Tanya quickly let go, and offered the teat she had been using, and suddenly, both twins were kneeling in front of me, sucking away in perfect harmony. It felt incredible!

Victoria came in as the twins were getting nicely into their sucking rhythm. They stopped together and removed their mouths from my teats with sheepish looks on their faces. Milk trickled down Melanie's chin and she tried to catch it with her tongue. Victoria didn't have any problems with what the twins were doing. As far as she was concerned, tits were for drinking, they always had been, and probably always would be. She watched the twins with interest, as if wondering why these two young women seemed to have tits that were so much smaller than all the others in her world. Then she came to Mother for a cuddle.

Tanya was making plans for the evening. Suzanne and Pansy would be getting their feeds shortly after our parents went out, which should start the evening off nicely, as it would mean that at least two of us would be naked in Tanya's room, and the twins would be able to watch. Then we could start on the twins' initiation. Her plan sounded great to me. Those two mouths on my teats had got me really hot, hot, hot! I could honestly say I had not looked forward to a Saturday night so much for at least a couple of years.

Then Mum was calling us to come downstairs if we didn't want to starve to death. We didn't. The twins would soon get around to our robust mealtime habits, I thought, as we barged them out of the way and thundered downstairs.

The twins made some plans, as well. Immediately after our meal, they slipped into their bedroom and I could hear them whispering as I passed the door. Obviously they were talking about what was going down later on, so I slowed down to see if I could hear anything interesting. Mostly it wasn't distinct enough to hear, but then I heard the word `panties' and stopped to listen.

One twin said softly, "... are yours?"

The other said, "yes, look." I wished I could see as well as hearing.

"Gosh, they're wet through!" said the other one. "They're wetter even than mine."

"I'm going to ..." said the other, but I heard no more, apart from a gasp of what sounded like horrified delight.

I couldn't think what they were planning, although when I thought about it, I had half an idea. But then I thought about it some more, and thought, `no, surely not! Not Cindy and Melanie!'

Chapter 11:- Saturday Night With The Twins

Tanya's plan was a good one. By the time the little ones were settled down for the night, I was randy as a goat, and so was Tanya. We were soaking wet just thinking about it. From the snatch of conversation I had heard earlier, I guess the twins were as well.

We found out when Tanya came wandering into the bedroom where the rest of were sitting on the bed, still in our shorts and T-shirts. Tanya was stark naked, apart from her panties. In fact, when she walked in, her panties were totally invisible, being hidden by her monstrous swaying breasts. Only when she turned part of the way round could you see them.

It was the first time the twins had seen Tanya without at least some clothes on over her tits, and they were staggered. With a single movement, they both clutched at their pussies, through their shorts. I suggested that things would be easier if they got stripped off as well, and stood up to take off my shirt. After a moment's hesitation, Cindy and Melanie slowly stood up as well, and peeled off their tops.

I have to admit it, much as I hate to, their bodies were magnificent! Their breasts filled the large cups of their (matching) bras to matching perfection. Since having two babies, I have really given up hope of getting my figure back completely. I used to have a tiny waist, about 20 inches, but it was never anywhere near as small as these two. I would guess their waists were no more than 17 inches! Tanya was looking at them in envy. Girls are never satisfied with the bodies they are given. They looked at each other again, then dropped their shorts and stepped out of them, standing there in bras and panties.

Their minute waists went well with their pretty little bottoms. Their hips can't have been more than 32 or 33 inches, but their buttocks were tight and rounded, their thighs nicely fleshed but slim enough for there to be daylight visible between their legs at the top.

Their panties were extremely brief, cut high at the sides, and were clearly very wet around the front. They were soaked through! Without a word, Tanya and I looked at each other and stepped closer to the girls. Taking a twin each, we unhooked their bras and slid the shoulder straps down. The girls didn't say a word either, but raised their arms to make the job easier. Then we slowly turned the girls to face us. Their nipples were erect, but much smaller than Tanya's and mine. They were surrounded by medium brown areolas, covered in rough little nodules. They felt pebbly when I ran the palm of my hand softly across one of them. The girl gave a soft groan, and her hand went to her pussy.

Tanya was already on her knees, waiting for me to do the same. When Tanya is on her knees, her breasts rest on the floor. At the moment, they hung down outside her legs, so I could see the dense dark forest of her pubic hair. I knelt down as well. The twins were looking down at us, not knowing what to expect. I slowly bent forward so my face came closer and closer to the girl's soaked panties. `Cindy', it said in neat script on the front, just to the left side of centre. No doubt Tanya's girl's said Melanie.

I looked, to see if the word `Saturday' was embroidered on them anywhere, but couldn't see it. I had read all there was to read on Cindy's underwear. Pushing my nose almost into her crack, I gripped the pungent, wet material between my teeth and tugged downwards. Cindy gave a little gasp, and moved her feet apart a few inches. Another tug and the pants started to slip down, then there was some resistance. Cindy raised one heel slightly, and moved a knee outwards. Still her panties were stuck.

She brought her hand down to help, but I stopped her and pushed it firmly away. Guiding her by turning her hips with both hands, I turned her right round so that her lovely bottom was in my face. From here, it looked even better. I slipped a hand between her thighs and wiggled my fingers to separate her legs slightly. They were actually sticking together slightly! From this angle, and this close, Cindy wasn't exactly freshness personified, but the sharp, fishy mixture of sweat, female juices and young teenage bottom excited me, reminding me vividly of the night Tanya came back from Summer camp.

I dived in, seizing her sopping panties with my teeth and hauling them down to her knees, then spun her around and finished the job quickly, before plunging my whole face in between her legs. Her amply-furred crotch was almost dripping. Already, some traces of juice had soaked the inside of her thighs, although her panties had not yet been off ten seconds. My lips sought her soaking sex, and I ran my tongue gently up and down her slit, which was slippery with her salty, yet almost sweet fluids. I roamed further upwards, barely touching her with the tip of my tongue, then found her little clit, and felt her thighs tremble as her hands gripped my hair on both sides of my head, just above my ears.

My face got wetter and wetter as the juices poured out of her. Coming up for air, I eased her backwards to the bed, and laid her down on her back. She was moaning continuously now. The bed creaked as Tanya and Melanie took up a similar position a couple of feet away. I noticed that Melanie was still wearing her panties, althought they had been hauled to one side. It made the girl look really lewd and dirty. Obviously, Tanya had not been as patient as I was.

I kissed Cindy's lower stomach, which made her shudder violently, then slid up her body, slipping my tongue into her navel as I held her tiny waist in both hands, then up to caress the undersides of her wonderful tits. I must have spent at least five minutes on each, changing from one to the other more and more frequently, kissing and licking until both of the full globes were completely wet.

Cindy's nipples were erect, the areolas themselves were puffy and full. She gave a louder moan and began to shudder, and pant, and cry out little words, "oh, oh, ooh, ooooh!" Cindy was the first one to come this evening, and Melanie joined her five minutes later. By then, my fingers were exploring Cindy's tight, wet pussy, I had two fingers up inside her, feeling for the right place. When I found it, I was as rewarded as she was, as at least a mouthful of juice almost squirted out of her. I thought she'd pissed herself, but a quick taste confirmed that Cindy had ejaculated, and was still squirting some seconds later.

I moved her on top of me, and I could feel her pubic hair against me as she sat in a pool of her own juices on my lower belly, while her little hands squeezed and tugged at my great big breasts, and her own relatively tiny DD sized tits hung down just out of reach of my lips, the red-hot nipples gently grazing my chest. It was my turn to come.

The milk had come in, and I guided Cindy to my nipple, which she took in her soft lips, and as I found her eager pussy yet again, I slipped a soaking finger into each of her holes. This time we came together as Cindy suckled me.

After a delicious half hour or so, I became aware of a new sensation. At that time, Cindy was on top of me again, with her tongue lapping around my pussy. My face was buried in hers, so I couldn't see what was happening. I could feel the insistent pressure of Cindy's firm young tits against my chest, but my whoppers were splayed out, lying on the bed on either side of my body.

Suddenly, I could feel my breasts being touched, both at the same time. At the same instant, I realised they were being kissed, then touched by two delicate little tongues, which were tracing a path round and round the nipples. Trapped beneath the sweet weight of Cindy, I couldn't escape, even if I wanted to, so I tried to relax and let the sensations wash over me. On and on the two tongues licked and slurped on my nipples, until it seemed they would never either stop or really start to suck me properly.

I could imagine Tanya and Melanie playing with my nipples, and grinning at each other. I felt the milk beginning to flow, and at last, at last, warm lips closed around my big teats and sucked greedily. My hips involuntarily bucked under Cindy, who could have had no idea why I was suddenly getting so mega turned on, although she responded by grinding her pussy in my face for a few seconds before a great gush of her juices trickled down over my nose and into my mouth. I had to swallow it or drown in it. I swallowed as much as I could. Cindy thoughtfully provided more. Cindy was a very wet little girl.

What I couldn't know was that Tanya had a finger inserted in Cindy's bottom, while Melanie was gently stroking the soft hairs at the back of her twin sister's neck, which she knew always drove her wild.

Later, after we had all more or less recovered, Tanya lay on her back with Melanie in a sixty-nine position on top of her, while Cindy and I milked Tanya's mighty udders, squirting her sweet milk at each other like racing drivers squirting champagne. I always wondered why they did that. Now I know. It's fun.

We made love over and over again, changing partners from time to time, but slowing down and slowing down until midnight, when the church clock struck, and roused us. Tanya sat up, and gently lifted the almost sleeping Cindy into a sitting position. Melanie was sound asleep, her lips still gently sucking on my nipple. I kissed her cheek and she groaned, but sat up, and her arms went round my neck. I decided I could tell the girls apart now. Cindy was wetter down below, but Melanie was a much wetter kisser. Our tongues met as we kissed until our heads and our pussies were swimming with lust.

Then we all stood up and Tanya and I helped the twins into their own double bed, where they immediately hugged each other, while their sleepy fingers sought out each other's pussies. Tanya and I kissed lingeringly for several minutes in her bedroom which smelled quite disgusting, then my big little sister climbed into her bed.

I was just about to leave the room, when I saw the twins' clothes and underwear scattered on the floor under the bed, so I gathered it up and dropped it in a steaming pile on the floor of their room - just as the side door creaked open and my parents came creeping into the house.

I got into my own cool bed. I didn't sleep straight away, but lay thinking of those unbelievably horny twins. Tanya's little plan had worked. Tanya's little plans usually do. Usually.

Chapter 12:- Double Trouble

A week had passed. Not without incident. We found several opportunities for girl-girl love-making with the twins. One thing did become noticeable after only a couple of days. The girls were still wearing the same panties they had arrived in! Obviously the story of Tanya wearing hers for a week at Summer camp had left its mark on the twins. The girls made no effort to change them, and this was obviously what they had been discussing that first day. Certainly, after being worn for a whole week of almost constant sexual arousal, those panties were an absolute disgrace! The girls had even been putting clean panties into the washing basket, to avoid having our mother coming into their room searching for soiled underwear.

Soiled was very much the right word. The disturbing thought was that there were still two more weeks to go. There was quite a distinct possibility that the twins' panties would walk home on their own before that time. It now took a very special dedication to pull them off with our teeth as we had done that first Saturday night.

Tanya came into my room with Suzanne in her arms. I was feeding Pansy. Victoria was happily playing with her building bricks, busily giving orders to herself, building them up, knocking them down. Tanya sat down, hauled out a full and already dripping breast, then we swapped babies; I held Suzanne while she sucked Tanya's mammoth teat, while Tanya cuddled Pansy. Victoria loved this arrangement, and she came over and watched until the babies settled down to suck blissfully again.

"We've got to get those twins laid", Tanya said quietly.

"What, laid properly, with boys?"

"Yes, of course, what did you think I meant?"

I didn't know what I thought she had meant, but the thought had occurred to me that we would never find a pair of twin boys anywhere in the village, even if we looked from now until Christmas. "Who had you got in mind?" Tanya knows a lot more boys than I do.

"I thought we could take them down the village. You could come as well. (Kind of her.) Then we could fix them up with a boy each. Then, somehow, we could create a disturbance, or something - distract them - and then swap!"

"Swap them over, so they end up with a different boy?"

"See if they noticed the difference ..." Tanya looked at me. "Can you tell them apart yet?"

I said yes: "Cindy's got the wetter pussy, but Melanie uses a lot more tongue when she kisses."

Tanya nodded. "A boy wouldn't notice, not after half an hour", she said. "We could have some fun, and the girls could go home not virgins any more."

"They're only thirteen, Tan! We shouldn't be encouraging them to have sex."

"I was twelve", she said simply. "And you were thirteen!"

"That's not the point. If they want to go out and get laid, it's up to them. It's just that I don't think we ought to be pushing them into it."

"There won't be any pushing needed, sis. Those two are horny as shit."

That's the trouble with Tanya's plans. They're so irresistible.

We started thinking about the details.

We decided - Tanya decided - that since the girls would be swapping over half way through, it didn't matter if the boys didn't match, as it were. They could be just about any available boys. Certainly there should be no shortage of takers among the boys in the village for an evening of passion with two beautiful, slim, large-breasted and insatiably horny teenagers. As Tanya pointed out, you'd never know they were only thirteen; they look at least twenty! As indeed, they did.

The choice of venue is always important when planning a loss of virginity. We thought about the shrubbery beside the village green. We thought about the field behind the Strict and Particular Baptist Chapel. Tanya liked the idea of that one. But the trouble with outdoor sites is always the uncertainty of the weather. There's nothing like a thunderstorm to put a damper on exterior love-making. I always think there's probably nothing more off-putting than being struck by lightining just when you're about to start coming. We wanted the twins' first time to be a happy memory for them both. "You always remember your first time", said Tanya. She had every reason to remember hers!

Then she said simply, "Why not here?"


"They'd let us have a party. Say it was next Saturday. We wouldn't make a mess, and Mum and Dad would only be next door. We could have music and stuff, and food. Maybe a bit of beer or wine or something. They'd let us have some drink, not too much. Not enough to lose control of our emotions or anything, Anyway, the twins would have a whole week to get over it."

What did she mean by that, I wondered!

"We can ask", I said. "All they can do is say no."

Mum and Dad said yes.

Honestly, parents haven't got a clue, sometimes.

Tanya decided that if the twins were going to get laid, she might as well join them, and I saw no reason to be left out of things. It was turning into an orgy. Tanya knew most of the village boys and girls, and I knew hardly any of them. So she did the arranging; the guest list, I suppose you could call it. I wondered, did the Romans have guest lists?

She told me she had just the boy for me, which was a bit worrying. As I was three years older than her, did Tanya think of me as an ancient crone? Did she have plans of fitting me up with some twenty-five-year-old dimwit from the local dairy who would spend all night trying to milk me? I bet she picked the dishiest one for herself, it would be typical of her to do that, and leave me with some absolute horror story.

And she said she had a couple of boys lined up for the twins. Seb and Jeffrey were friends and rivals. They went around together, and their tastes in girls were so similar that every time one of them saw a girl he fancied, the other one always fancied her too. This usually ended up with neither of them getting lucky. Tanya's idea was for them both to fancy either Cindy or Melanie.

What she wanted to do was somehow for the twins never to appear at the same time. It would be like one of those films where the star plays two parts and never appears in the same scene as himself. She said we could let the others in on the secret, but Seb and Jeffrey would both see only the one girl, let's call her Cindy, and both would instantly fall in love with her. Then, separately, they would each be allowed to meet their dream girl, in a different room in the house. In fact, they would each be getting off with a different one.

Once the action had started, she said, we could somehow separate the loving couples and bring them together the other way round, then let them carry on where they had left off. After the party, maybe the next day, we could surprise them both by letting them see both girls together.

It was brilliant.

Objection. "What", I said, if Seb and Jeffrey, or Seb or Jeffrey, just this once, didn't fancy Cindy or Melanie? It the chemistry was wrong or something.

Tanya just stared at me. "Chemistry? She snorted. She actually snorted: I'd never heard anyone really snort before. "Chemistry? You've been reading too many love stories, sis. We're talking boys here."

I saw what she meant.

All we had to do for the rest of the week was to make sure that the twins never went near the village. No-one must know that there were a pair of beautiful twins on the loose. The word would get back to Seb and Jeffrey, and they would each try to fall in love with the same one as the other fancied. Either way, it would be confusing and it would completely screw up Tanya's plan.

Fortunately, by keeping the girls occupied with plenty of girl-sex, we had little trouble with them trying to get away from the house. Tanya and I were becoming exhausted; the twins were becoming energetic and resourceful lovers, and budding acrobats as well. Tanya and I are not cut out for acrobatics. The twins were rapidly becoming a pain in the tits.

When they weren't involved in sex-games, the twins were busy looking after the kids. Later in the week, I slipped down to the village store and picked up the food and drink for the party. Mum was going to help us with the food. I think she felt guilty about going out and leaving us instead of staying home and embarrassing everybody by trying to dance, the way grown-ups always do. Our Mum and Dad always look even more embarrassing than anybody else's. They even try to do the Twist, for Chrissakes!

Chapter 13:- Party Time

By Saturday afternoon, the twins were in a state of high excitement. They didn't know what had been arranged with them in mind, but there was going to be a party and that was enough for them. They would be able to dress up and show off their amazing figures (yes, I admit it, amazing), they could have a few drinks, and they could meet some boys. They could snog them, and have their titties felt up. There might even be some *girls* there so they could have sex! Well, the twins were learning fast, but they hadn't quite got all the details in place yet.

The guests had been told not to arrive until after eight, to give us plenty of time to see to the kids and to move the furniture around. We brought the bean-bags down from upstairs and the place looked quite sexy with most of the lights turned out. Dad came in and switched them on again. He said the place looked like a Turkish brothel. I didn't know he'd ever been to Turkey.

The twins kept coming into our bedrooms while they were trying different clothes on. They even had a shower and put clean panties on! Perhaps it was just as well; we didn't want Seb and Jeffrey gagging and fainting before they'd even got started. The girls couldn't decide what to wear. Normally, I would have said to them that it might be a pleasant change if they dressed differently for once, but for this night of all nights, they *had* to be identical.

The sight of them parading their little bottoms and their big tits around was making me horny, and I grabbed Cindy the next time she came in, and gave her pussy a good licking. Her moans and squeaks attracted Melanie, who joined us, until Tanya came in and said we could be heard all down the street and did we want Mum and Dad joining in as well? It made me feel like a guilty schoolgirl, being told off by Tanya.

The twins finally agreed on short flared skirts (easy to get your hands up), and very low-cut knitted tops, which just hid the tops of their bra cups while revealing enough cleavage to lose your hand in. They looked good enough to eat. It was all I could do not to eat them.

Mum and Dad went out at eight fifteen after a lot of dire warnings. I thought they'd never leave, but their evening of group sex, or whatever it was they did next door, was calling them, and at last, they did go, and I was able to slip around the house turning off all the lights but one here and there. Victoria was in bed but awake, so I sat with her for a while, then the twins came in and gave her a goodnight kiss, and so did Auntie Tanya, who looked staggering in a sort of T-shirt dress which came down almost to her knees, and no bra, so her tits came down almost to her pussy. Her nipples stuck out like champagne corks, a couple of feet apart, pointing forward and downward, down below her stomach!

Gradually, people were arriving. I recognised a few of them, even dressed up in their party clothes. The girls seemed to know what sort of party to expect, as they had dressed to allow easy and rapid access to their most desirable assets. Skirts were short. Shorts were loose-fitting. Tops were low-necked, or not tucked in at the waist. Shirts were partly unbuttoned. The twins seemed to be the only ones wearing bras. No doubt, as the evening wore on, they would slip out, together, and get rid of them. They certainly didn't need them for support! Those puppies bounced around when they were naked, like ... well ... puppies, but they stayed up there with the aid of powerful young muscles.

Then Tanya came over to me, her eyes shining. "Seb and Jeffrey are here. Time to hide a twin!"

We had told the twins part of the story. At around nine, we said, a boy would be arriving who we thought ought to meet both of them. He had been told about them, and was really looking forward to meeting them. But he wanted to meet them separately. That way, he could decide which one he preferred. It was like a prince in a fairy story. Tanya explained that once the boy had made his choice, he would escort her for the rest of the evening, while the other twin could have her pick of the rest of the boys at the party. There wouldn't be a loser.

In fact, the second girl could have her free choice of boys *before* he made his decision, while the boy was getting off with the other twin. Fair enough? The girls thought about it and decided it was fair enough. What they didn't know was which of them was having the first go at The Boy. Once we had separated the twins, we told each of them that *she* was going to be the first.

Cindy slipped away into the kitchen, while Melanie went to the top of the stairs, where she sat on the top step, anxiously looking down, and afraid of missing any action. Meanwhile, Tanya had intercepted Seb and Jeffrey, and peeled off Seb, steering him in the direction of the kitchen where there was someone he really *must* meet, and introduced him to her cousin, Melanie! Cindy looked startled, thinking that Tanya had forgotten which twin was supposed to be going where, but she said nothing, and Seb looked so dishy that she stepped closer to him, and as soon as her right breast made contact with his chest, he was hooked.

My part of the plan was to take Jeffrey to find Melanie at the top of the stairs. "Cindy, this is Jeffrey, he's been dying to meet you!" and Melanie gave me a look which said, `stupid cow, can't you tell us apart yet', but she obviously took an instant fancy to Jeffrey, and anyway, she wanted to make a serious first impression on *The Boy* before her sister did. Invitingly, she patted the top stair beside her, and snuggled up as close to Jeffrey as she could without actual penetration taking place.

Both boys were overwhelmed by these lovely young girls. What was more, they were getting off without their friend and rival being present. This was a new experience! They dived in with a will, and the twins began to think there was perhaps something more to this sex business than making out with other women!

The first part of the plan had gone off perfectly, and everyone was hugging themselves and each other at its success. The whole party had been briefed to keep the twins apart, and it was easy enough to keep an eye on them to stop them seeing each other.

After about five minutes, Cindy and Seb wanted to move somewhere quieter, more comfortable and certainly darker than the kitchen. They found their way into the living room, where they found a conveniently empty bean-bag, and the guests almost cheered at their latest successful move.

Melanie and Jeffrey, meanwhile, found the top of the stairs a little uncomfortable, and people had to keep stepping over them on their way to the toilet. So they stood up, still entwined around each other, and headed for the twins' bedroom, which, to their pleasant surprise, was empty. This time, there was a small cheer from almost everyone else in the house.

With everyone taking a part in making sure the plan went smoothly, Tanya selected her lucky escort for the evening, and settled down on a bean-bag with him. He might well have wondered which of the *three* bean-bags which had suddenly entered his life was the real thing, but Tanya soon left him in no doubt.

And a boy came up to me and said, "You must be Tanya's big sister. I'm Paul." Well, he was quite presentable, and it had been a good few months, so after a decent interval - almost thirty seconds - we went to my bedroom, and as I am an eighteen-year-old woman and prefer to do things properly, we undressed and went to bed!

An hour or so later, and feeling thoroughly well-fucked, I left Paul asleep, got dressed and resumed my duties as co-hostess. Tanya came over, looking relieved. "I thought you'd gone to bed", she gasped.

"Oh, I did!" I said simply, just to see the expression on her face. It was worth it.

"It's time to swap them over. The Tanya Master Plan: Stage Two. I take Cindy and Seb, you take Melanie and Jeffrey. We have ... "she looked at the clock, "... five minutes. See you back here at ten precisely." And off she went.

This was the difficult bit. Tanya went over to Cindy's bean bag, where she poked the twin in the ribs. I heard her say, "Melanie! Get up a minute, I need your help!"

Then I slipped away up the stairs, and found Melanie and Jeffrey going at it hammer and tongs on the twins' double bed. I waited for a lull in the activity, then whispered to her, "Cindy! I need a hand. It's a bit of an emergency!" Jeffrey groaned as we left him, clutching at his gonads and writhing in unfulfilment on the bed. Melanie, meanwhile, came with me happily, content that she had made such an impression on the mystery boy that Cindy would only take a miserable second place. Then her prince would claim her hand, and anything else he fancied.

I led her down the stairs and out of the back door. Meanwhile, Tanya took Cindy out of the side door and in at the front. I just caught sight of them scurrying up the stairs as I brought Melanie in at the side door and through the kitchen to the living room where Seb sat, confused, on his bean-bag. While escorting the twin on our tour of the house, I explained that she was now free to choose any of the boys who were here, but first, she really *ought* to meet Seb, who had heard so much about her!

Melanie got a bit of a shock when Seb held out his arms to her and dragged her down on to the bean-bag. She got even more of a surprise when she felt his fingers slip immediately up her skirt and into her panties. Her shock was complete when he laid her on her back and slid his cock into her! `Gosh, this is the life', she thought. Seb grunted a little at first. The little twin felt tighter all of a sudden, and not so wet. Then she kissed him, and he thought, `Jeez, she's horny as hell all of a sudden', as Melanie engulfed his tongue with hers.

Tanya was panting heavily as we met in the kitchen. I nodded okay to her. "How did it go?" I asked.

"I'd told her there was someone up in one of the upstairs rooms who had seen her from a distance and asked who the girl with the pony-tail was. So I said she'd better just say hello to him. She must've got a bit of a fright when Jeffrey climbed on to her straight away! *He* seemed to get a surprise when he slipped straight into her, too, as if she was suddenly wetter than he expected. It seemed to get him quite excited all of a sudden. I left them going at it like a couple of dogs."

"Well, see you in another hour, then!"

Tanya laughed. "See, Tanya's little plans always work."

The plan had really more or less succeeded. By now, both twins would have been more or less deprived of their cherries. All that remained was to tidy up the loose ends when they had all finished. "No problem", said Tanya, "We'll all just have a good laugh when it's all over."

Down in the living room, Seb and Melanie were approaching a noisy climax. The noise was coming from Melanie, and it ended with a sort of strangled OOOOAAAAAEEEEGH! Ooooh! Seconds later, there was an almighty grunt as Seb completed the course, and another two virgins had bitten the dust.

Meanwhile, on the twins' bed, Jeffrey had been trying everything he had heard of - like thinking of food - to avoid coming. Cindy was screaming `not yet, NOT YET!' and he knew there was nothing on this earth which could stop him, or even slow him down. With a scream of despair, he pumped his steaming seed into Cindy's oozing slot, leaving the poor girl humping her hips against him in desperation, before collapsing in a frustrated, sobbing heap. Jeffrey, knowing he was forever branded a failure, rolled off and buried his head in his hands..

Cindy, feeling cold and wet, sore and *used*, got up after a few seconds, and made her way to the bathroom.

Melanie, feeling more frustrated than ever in her life, rearranged her clothing and went to the downstairs toilet. She sat there, lonely and hurt. That boy on the bean-bag had just grabbed her and gone straight at it without even saying hello. She had faked an orgasm to get him to finish. She idly wondered where all the stuff he had pumped into her was. Nothing! Had he pulled out, or missed? She never guessed that Seb had faked an orgasm, too! All she wanted was the kind, considerate boy she had met the first time, the fairy tale prince who was going to choose between the two of them. Perhaps he was still in the bedroom. She came out of the toilet and started up the stairs.

She passed Cindy on her way down. Cindy was looking for that lovely boy on the bean-bag, the fairy tale prince who was making a choice between them. He had been so gentle and loving, until Tanya had dragged her away. She would go and see if he was still there; he might be! Where was that Melanie going, the little bitch?

He was! Cindy lay down on the bean-bag next to Seb, who was feeling like a total failure. The girl would be sure to realise he had faked an orgasm, and the word would be all over the village by tomorrow. The boy who can't do it, and has to fake it! But ... here she was again, as if nothing had happened. (Well, nothing *had* happened, but you know what I mean.)

"Oh, darling, you're still here. Darling, darling, darling!" And Cindy sat astride Seb and gently lowered herself on to him until he was in her up to the hilt. Ten minutes later, they had finished almost simultaneously, Cindy having come three times, and they lay together, kissing each other all over their faces.

Melanie crept into her bedroom. If he wasn't still here, she would quietly go to bed. They would find her in the morning if she happened to die of a broken heart in the night. Jeffrey lay on his back with his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. Melanie kneeled beside him, and kissed the tears from his eyes, then gently took his limp manhood into her mouth until he was erect. Then she mounted him and rode him until they both climaxed. Then they kissed each other again and again and again.

Tanya found me in the kitchen talking to some of the other girls. "It's gone very quiet", she said with a worried expression. "They should have finished ages ago."

"Perhaps they've fallen in love", I suggested. "This could be the real thing. The start of something big." It was half past eleven. Our parents would be back in an hour. We really wanted the twins back in circulation before they came back home. It could be embarrassing to have to say to them that the party had gone off very well but we had lost our twin cousins.

Jeffrey came into the kitchen, blinking at the light. He looked well shagged. "Toilet", he said, thickly, and went the way we indicated. There was a lull of a few seconds, then an uproar from the living room. We rushed in. One of the twins was cowering by the doorway, her hands covering her mouth. Jeffrey was sitting astride Seb's body, pounding away at him with both fists. "You bastard, five minutes I leave her, and you come on to my girl, my little darling ...!" He aimed another blow, then punctuated his words with punches, "You dirty rotten bastard, I thought you were supposed to be my friend."

Seb managed to buck his friend off, and they rolled over and over in a heap for a while. Girls were screaming, boys trying to pull them apart. This time, Seb ended up on top. He wasn't sure what the crime was he was supposed to have committed, but he thumped Jeffrey in the eye, and once on the nose. Finally, two of the other boys managed to pull the two of them apart. They sat panting, looking at each other. Seb had blood running down his chin, Jeffrey had an impressive black eye.

In the middle of all the noise and shouting, Melanie crept downstairs to see what was happening. She saw Cindy standing by the sideboard, looking from one boy to the other. She stood by her sister's side. Silence fell. Seb looked up. So did Jeffrey. They looked back at each other, then shook their heads to try and clear their double vision.

Then the twins moved forward, and squatted down beside their two battered lovers. Together, they asked the same question.

"Well? Which one of us was the winner?"

Which must have confused the two boys even more.

Chapter 14:- And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Tanya and I slipped away and hid after that. Gradually, the party broke up, and people drifted away in twos and threes. Seb and Jeffrey had no idea what had happened. The fight and the appearance of both twins had left them in a state of utter confusion. Cindy and Melanie had escorted them out to the front gate, and arranged to see them on Monday, when all, no doubt, would be explained.

Tanya and I were quickly tidying up - the fight had made a bit of a mess in the living room - when the twins came back in. They were lusting for blood. Ours. Tanya made an excuse and started to leave, but Cindy dragged her back by her hair. We could have had another fight, but Pansy woke up and started crying, and that set Suzanne off.

"We'll explain tomorrow", Tanya promised. "Must go now!"

We bolted upstairs. The twins came up about twenty minutes later. No doubt, they'd had time to compare notes, and realised that things hadn't turned out so badly after all. True, there had been a fight, and two lifelong friends had bashed seven shades of shit out of one another, but both twins had found an enthusiastic and considerate lover. Okay, they were going home in another week, but they had a very good reason to come again for another little holiday.

Life wasn't so bad after all. Tanya's little plans usually work.

Tanya and I sat in my bedroom, feeding the babies. We got the shock of our lives when we heard the twins coming upstairs. "Goodnight!" they called softly, and then I suppose they got into bed together and talked about their lovers and their experiences until dawn broke.


They wanted an explanation, but they weren't *too* mad, not really. Considering that a fight had broken out, and two good friends might have ended up hating each other for life, there was no real harm done. The twins had got laid, which was the whole object of the exercise. Well and truly laid, when it came down to it.

And they were seeing the boys again. Cindy and Seb, and Melanie and Jeffrey, were effectively items. One problem was that Tanya, for whatever crazy reason, had introduced them by their wrong names in the first place. "I don't know why I did that!", she said, over again. Another was that although the twins themselves were each perfectly sure which of the boys they fancied, the one they'd had some great sex with at the party, the boys still couldn't really tell them apart without getting involved in a bit of serious intimacy. And if that wasn't bad enough, they both thought Cindy was Melanie, and vice versa.

What we were going to have to do was to get them all together and explain everything, which was going to make Tanya about as popular as a hat-full of piss. But the twins could help. For a start, they could stop messing about by dressing identically the whole time. I suggested that the boys came here to pick them up for the double date they had arranged for the Monday evening. They would find Cindy and Melanie, two separate girls, both ravishingly pretty and wondrously well-endowed, both very sexy, and both individuals. Their hair could be up or down, however each of them felt like having it. They could each wear exactly what they liked.

The twins looked at each other. They had never heard of any suggestion so outrageous in their lives. Finally, Cindy said, "I thought we ... I might get rid of this baby's pony-tail, and I'm going to wear my tight white top. What about you, Mel?"

"Not that white top, I'm wearing my red shirt and my jeans. Tanya, could you put my hair up, do you think?" And they both rushed off to sort out their clothes for their dates. God knows what their Dad would think when he came to collect them at the weekend! He wouldn't know who they were.

Seb and Jeffrey arrived at seven. Cindy looked lovely in her shorts and her white top. I had seen her in it once before, but it looked even tighter now. All her clothes looked tighter. It must have been Mum's cooking putting some meat on their bones. It had certainly put some meat on Cindy's tits! Melanie's, too, looked very full in her bright red shirt, and her jeans might well have been sprayed on, especially around the crotch, where they were trying to disappear inside her. She kept tugging at them, which didn't really help matters.

The girls immediately attached themselves to the right boy, to the secret relief of Seb and Jeffrey. Then Tanya introduced them again, properly this time; and right there in front of Tanya and me, the girls comprehensively kissed the boys, making them go bright red. Then off they went, to do whatever young teenage girls and boys do on a first date, when they have *already had* sexual intercourse two nights before.

They were home by eleven, and both came quietly into Tanya's room, where we were feeding the babies. The girls were tousled and flushed. Their eyes looked large and sparkly, their lips had that just-kissed look. They had both discarded their bras, and their breasts looked very full and heavy. Melanie's jeans were wet where they were tight around her pussy, and there was a huge dark patch of moisture at the crotch of Cindy's shorts!

She noticed us looking at it, but made no attempt to hide it, in fact, both twins were absently fondling themselves, their pussies and their erect nipples, all the time they were telling us about their evening. I know I was getting as wet as Cindy, just hearing about it, and I could tell Tanya was aroused, both by the look on her face and the unmistakeable scent of her arousal. At last, the babies were full, and handed back to their rightful owners.

Shyly, Cindy said to me, "I'm ever so thirsty ... do you think ...?" and Melanie said she was, too.

All I could say was, "come here, sweetheart!" and the busty youngster gratefully attached her lips to my nipple and drank deeply. Within ten seconds, I was coming, and so was Cindy. Over on the bed, Melanie was sucking at one of Tanya's gigantic udders, and soon, all four of us were moaning in helpless ecstasy.

Softly, I asked Cindy to change over to my other breast, and she stood up, then quickly stripped all her clothes off before returning to my lap. Her pebbly nipples, her taut bottom and her sopping wet pussy were all mine as she fed from me yet again. It was well after midnight when the twins tiptoed back to their own room.

They saw the boys three more times during that last week of their stay, and each night that week, they came to mine or Tanya's room for a bedtime drink.=20

The day they left, promising to phone regularly, and to come back soon, Cindy shyly handed me a little package as they got into their Dad's car. "Don't open it here", she said urgently when I started to fumble with the tape. "There's a note inside!"

After they had gone, I opened the package with Tanya. Inside, in a plastic bag, were two pairs of panties, still wet. The note said: `Thanks for everything, especially for reminding us that we are two separate people! Here's something to remind you of us. We wore these for two weeks until the party! Since then, we have worn them all day long and every night in bed. Naturally, we wore clean ones on our dates, although they didn't stay dry very long! Whatever you do, don't wash them!'

The panties were embroidered Cindy and Melanie. I handed Melanie's to Tanya and she sniffed them deeply, her eyes watering! "Shit", she said, "that's pretty memorable!" Then we put them in our pockets, for later.

Chapter 15:- Epilogue

My daughter Victoria's third birthday party has just ended. Why a child of three should *need* a party, I'm not sure, but she seemed to enjoy it. Little Pansy, I can say, hasn't expressed an opinion one way or the other, but she's only nine months old. I am having a rest. It gets tiring, keeping an eye on a bunch of kids, and my back aches when I stand up too long.

The girls are playing together, looked after by their Auntie Tanya, and her little girl, Suzanne. The twins have just left after their return visit. In the six weeks since the party, and their dates with Seb and Jeffrey, they have phoned us two or three times a week. Last week, they asked if they could come over for a weekend, and Mum said of course they could, if they liked.

It was good to see them again. They had put on some weight while they had been with us the first time, but they must have really found their appetites when they got home. At first, I hardly recognised them! Well, that's exaggerating. Tanya's told me a million times not to exaggerate.

But Cindy ran over to hug me as soon as she was out of the car. Her breasts were bouncing about all over the place. Melanie was hugging Tanya. I felt Cindy's breasts crushing themselves against mine. They felt full and firm. "I'm not wearing a bra", she whispered, "nor is Mel. They got too small!"

I held her at arms' length. She had grown at least two or three inches on the hips and the waist. Her bust seemed to have grown at least six inches. "Have you got a tape measure", she asked as we all walked indoors. "I remember how you used to have to measure Tanya's bust every week, and I thought it might be nice to measure *us*, later on. Tonight, after we get back from seeing the boys!"

And we did! It was like the old days in Tanya's room. Cindy and Melanie, stripped naked, were noticeably bigger all over, but especially their breasts. "We both got measured for a new bra last week, ready for school, and the shop hadn't got one to fit us!" Cindy's eyes were like saucers as she remembered the scene in the shop.

Melanie was smiling to herself. "What she didn't tell you was that mine were bigger than hers!"

Cindy looked daggers at her sister. "It was only an inch."

"It was two inches!" crowed Melanie. "I need a 34-K!", she added, shyly. I looked at the two of them. Melanie was bigger in the bust, but bigger everywhere else, too.

I said to Cindy, "There's no real difference in the actual size of your breasts, Cin, you're both lovely. You're even more lovely than when you were skinny." You could hardly call them fat now, as the tape measure showed, Cindy was 44-22-34, and Melanie was 46-24-35. Obviously a lot more than just DD-cups now!

Tanya shook her head. "You both look terrific, now. Have you any idea what caused it?"

"The boys asked us that, too. They said if we ever find out, we will have to try some more!" laughed Cindy, and we all joined in. There was a companionable silence.

"I suppose a drink of milk is out of the question", said Melanie.

"I thought you'd never ask!" said Tanya.



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